Increase Innovation

Use your CRM budget to make SuiteCRM work in the way you work. Don't just accept the same software that everyone else uses. Innovate. If you're not paying for licenses, pay for value.

You are limited only by your imagination. Innovate to get software that make you different. Don't pay license costs for software that makes you the same.

Reduce Costs

Software frequently needs to be customised to suit specific needs. With open source software, an open market results in increased competition and lower costs for product customisation.

And if you need quality assurance, there are many excellent SuiteCRM partners who will make customisations to your instance of SuiteCRM.

Increase Security

Study after study extols the virtues of open source as being more secure because of its open nature. The SuiteCRM security model gives users access only to the information they need to carry out their jobs. With SuiteCRM you can enforce granular controls over access to data and functions.

Enjoy the benefits of using inherently more secure software.

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12 Rules of CRM Implementation

CRM software isn't a black art. It is a big and complex field though. If you're not sure how big and complex, then try Googling "CRM". You'll find opinions from a huge number of sources from learned academics to large consultancies implementing CRM applications on a global scale.

SalesAgility fall into neither of the above categories. But we have accumulated a lot of experience over the years which we're more than happy to share with you.

So, for our take on CRM, read on ..... 12 Simple Rules that should underpin EVERY CRM implementation




3 Ways Communities Help Your Business Grow

Communities are the heart of open source so we think that we know a little about them. CRM is a community too. A CRM community comprises of users, partners and customers. SuiteCRM enables this community to share information, post problems, collaborate on tasks and projects, share documents, resolve issues and contribute to new ideas and products to improve the customer experience. SuiteCRM's community is easily accessible, providing a secure place where innovation and collaboration can and does happen. In SuiteCRM every user can gain the information they need to have a better understanding of their company and their customers which will enable them to execute business processes more effectively. 

The CRM community is beneficial for any company who wants to adopt CRM, to create opportunities for innovation and drive growth into the business.

Here are three ways in which SuiteCRM communities can help you develop a winning strategy:



7 Reasons Why You Need CRM Champions

Implementing CRM is not like turning on a light switch. It's not black and white, it's not instant results and it's not just about technology. It's also about people and processes and change. Once a new CRM implementation goes live you can improve adoption, awareness, feedback and usage by appointing internal CRM Champions.

CRM champions take responsibility for the operational implementation of CRM in your business. To achieve CRM success, you should consider who in your business would be most suitable to take on the Champion role. Who are the key influencers? Who are the smart people that get things done in your business?
Find them, appoint them, give them extra training and a direct line to the CRM support help desk. They are key to embedding CRM in your business.

Here are the 7 reasons why CRM champions are important factors in successful CRM implementations.

1. Better decision making

With CRM champions, your business can execute decisions quickly and effectively. Champions lead, listen, support and nurture. They also ensure that best practice is followed and give rapid feedback on change requirements.

2. Higher levels of engagement

CRM champions will create a more positive engagement within your teams, thus encouraging productivity. When staff members have support, internally and externally, they are more likely to engage positively as a team and this creates a continuous cycle between staff members.

3. Reduced costs

If any issues arise in the team, the CRM champions can deal with them instead of it being sent to external support. A shorter decision and execution chain reduces costs and reduces dependencies on third party organisations.



8 Essential SuiteCRM Extensions

Over the years many useful enhancements have been written for SugarCRM Community Edition (CE) and all the extensions for CE will also work for SuiteCRM.

But if you spend any time in SugarForge, the repository for Community supplied and maintained code, it can quickly become bewildering. There are hundreds of projects and many, if not most, are pretty useless. They contain projects that have never come to anything. Projects where the code doesn't work or projects that have not been updated for years.

Fortunately, SugarForge also contains some great projects that significantly extend SuiteCRM's capabilities. Here is our list of the essential SuiteCRM enhancements.

Here are SalesAgility's list of the essential SuiteCRM enhancements...




9 Secrets of CRM

1. CRM is growing

CRM does not carry out one project. It carries out various projects that deal with different business sectors. CRM is a long term strategy that creates opportunities for your business and provides a system that enables you to understand who your customers are and what their value is. Every business wants to understand their customer in regards to their behaviour and what they want. SuiteCRM provides a software that assists you in finding out what those things are and helps you understand and gain a better insight into your customers' behaviour. Customer information gathered from using SuiteCRM will reduce the cost of resources and enable your business to respond quickly to customer changes and demands. With SuiteCRM you can create a target list of customers who you want to reach and send out marketing campaigns to them. This will inform them of the products that meet their demands and, if they are truly interested, should encourage them to buy. By knowing what your customers want from the information gathered on SuiteCRM, this can enable your business to build and develop brand loyalty.

2. CRM allows you to stand apart from the competition

CRM has allowed companies to not only understand their customers better, but it has enabled them to stay ahead of competitors and secure a better market position. SuiteCRM builds a strategy that concentrates on your customers needs and what processes should be carried out. With SuiteCRM you will be able to identify business opportunities and leads, who will you make a sale from and who will you not. This will reduce time and money spent on the customers who will not engage with your company. Identify new business opportunities that will allow your business to enter different segments of the market to achieve growth. SuiteCRM will make your business unique by differentiating your tasks and activities from competitors. No business will ever have the same system.

3. CRM is not a dated application

CRM is still in the early stages of growth. It is not a dated application at all. Many businesses are only just getting their hands on CRM, and customer processes are still developing. SuiteCRM creates opportunities for any sized business who wants to build a better relationship with their customers. Not only does SuiteCRM look at customer information, it also allows your business to become more innovative and develop solutions that will help with business management and with understanding customers.



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If I had known about this before I implemented Dynamics - it would have been a no brainer.

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SuiteCRM blows the doors off SalesForce

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I have been a fan of Sugar for years. However, I was using Zoho because it was more cost effective. Until I found SuiteCRM! I am migrating over!

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